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We are looking for an experienced Research Scientist to join our team, focused on engaging with academic and research bodies to develop opportunities to collaborate on research projects. Research will focus on the specific areas of core interest including cardiac safety, drug induced hepatic injury, physiological differences based on gender and ethnicity and clinical trials methodology. The successful candidate will need to demonstrate both an ability to identify potential research partners as well as targeting suitable opportunities to secure grant funding for research projects.

The role is likely to suit a highly academic individual with a PhD or Medical Doctorate who has considerable experience in scientific and medical research. Evidence of successfully securing public and/or private grant funding to carry out research work is expected. A background in clinical trials and experience in cardiac safety or in hepatology would be highly advantageous. It is expected that applicants will have published articles in peer reviewed journals over the course of their career and will be able to point to previous, successful collaborations with respected institutions and organisations in the UK and internationally.

If you believe that you have the skills and experience to succeed in a role of this nature and would like to apply, please register your interest via this (BambooHR) platform. You will be asked to supply a current copy of your CV and basic contact details.

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