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Dr Jorg Taubel

Scientific Lead - Cardiac Health, Diabetes

Cardiac Health

Dr Jorg Taubel is an expert in clinical pharmacology with a special interest in cardiac safety assessments. He has conducted more than 400 early phase studies in patients and healthy volunteers, usually in the capacity of Principal Investigator since 1995. He has extensive experience in cardiology, neurology, gastroenterology and ethnic bridging studies.

Graduating in medicine from the Goethe-Universitat in Frankfurt in 1987, Dr Taubel subsequently received a postgraduate MD in cardio-psychology in 1989 from the same university. He worked in clinical medicine in Germany and the UK and trained in clinical pharmacology in Berlin and Frankfurt before relocating to London in 1992 where he trained with Professor Brian Prichard at St George’s University London between 1995 and 2001.

Dr Taubel is an honorary fellow at St George's University and author of over 120 scientific publications. He is the CEO of Richmond Pharmacology which he co-founded with two medical colleagues in 2001 at St George's University Hospital in London. He has presented his research at numerous international meetings and workshops in Europe, US and Japan.

Dr Taubel is a Fellow of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine of the Royal Colleges of Physicians of the United Kingdom and the Institute of Directors (IOD). He is a Regent in the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Angewandte Humanpharmakologie (AGAH). He is a member of the (British) Association for Human Pharmacology in the Pharmaceutical Industry (AHPPI) and the Royal Society of Medicine. His international memberships include the Japanese Society of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (JSCPT) and the American College of Clinical Pharmacology (ACCP).

He teaches on the AGAH course in Basic Pharmacology in Germany and an internal training program for junior doctors working at Richmond Pharmacology enrolled in Higher Medical Training in Pharmaceutical Medicine. He is actively participating in discussions to set up a pan-European training scheme for principal investigators jointly with the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine currently involving societies in the UK, France, Belgium and Germany. He is an appraiser in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine.

His research at Richmond Research Institute focuses on the effects of nutrition on the electrocardiogram (ECG) and the underlying autonomic and hormonal effects on cardiac repolarisation. He is currently researching the relevance of these findings in relation to sudden cardiac death in diabetic patients. His work has been recognized by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Japanese Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA).


  • Fellow: Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine of the Royal Colleges of Physicians
  • Fellow: Institute of Directors
  • Fellow: European Society of Cardiology


  • Member: Association for Human Pharmacology in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Member: Royal Society of Medicine
  • Member: Japanese Society of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics
  • Member: Arbeitsgemeinschaft fur Angewandte Humanpharmakologie (Germany)
  • Member: American College of Clinical Pharmacology


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