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About us

Our Vision

The Richmond Research Institute is an independent, academic research unit dedicated to understanding and improving the safety of pharmaceuticals.

Our world-class research aims to explore the usefulness of potential new medicines, assesses the safety of existing medicinal products, and provides the scientific insights to improve strategies for personalised medicines.

Our work helps scientists and regulators gain a mechanistic understanding of the effects of medicines to develop better and safer pharmaceutical products.

With access to state-of-art facilities at Richmond Pharmacology – a London-based research unit – we are committed to improving clinical trial designs for more efficient and rapid conclusion.

work organisation

Our academic rigor to studying drug safety and drug interactions bridges the gap between industry and academia. In collaboration with St George’s University of London and other academic partners, we strive to overcome many of the challenges involved in medical and clinical research.

Committed to driving innovation whilst maintaining the highest ethical standards, our research helps to improve the health and safety of patients worldwide.

Meet our Scientific Experts

Learn more about the backgrounds and research interests of our key experts.

Scientific Team
richmond research institute

We have a track record in conducting clinical research and have published over 250 research pieces.


We collaborate with outstanding academic talent and partners worldwide.


Our academic research helps improve lives and strengthens scientific insights.